Lawn service

Value cleaning service inspects and performs recurring lawn maintenance to upkeep the appearance necessary for sale.   We visit the property a minimum of two times per month or as often as you need to keep the property in market ready condition. 

  • Consistent maintenance can eliminate any potential HOA or local ordinance violations.
  • We remove litter and any incidental debris visible on the lawn prior to mowing and dispose according to local requirements. 
  • We have the equipment to trim, edge, and blade around the perimeter of the structure. 
  • We remove any excess vegetation (as necessary) and we keep you fully informed as to the state of the exterior of your property.
  • At your request, we can forward before and after pictures so you can witness a job well done.

Janitorial and Market Ready Clean

We specialize in janitorial service for residential and commercial properties so we are able to provide a variety of options to fit the need of the property.  We can take care of the initial inspection and assess the cleaning needs when you take possession of the property. This can range from removing extensive debris to a detailed clean for show.  Please refer to our other services for more detail or simply contact us.