Value Cleaning Service provides cleanup and removal of all non hazardous materials from your Storage Units.  We will clean and prepare the unit for your next paying customer.  Give us a call to discuss how we may assist you in your current or future needs.

Value Cleaning Services will come in and take care of cleaning up and leaving the property in value clean condition. We understand that with renovations to a home, repairs to a home, or a newly built home can cause a lot of dust and dirt.

Value Cleaning Services Builders Cleaning for new properties includes the following cleaning and polishing - and rest assure once we've finished, the next person to go in will be your interior designer!

  • Open and air out the property
  • Remove all debris
  • Remove surplus cement, plaster, paint grease marks on paintwork from walls, tiles, floors, cupboards, domestic equipment etc.
  • Clean kitchen cupboards & drawers inside and out
  • Clean all kitchen counter tops and equipment
  • Clean and disinfect all kitchen appliances
  • Clean and disinfect all bathrooms including toilets, sinks, shower/tubs
  • Sweep/mop and/or vacuum all flooring
  • Sweep and wipe down all the walls and ceilings
  • Wash and clean all shelving, if applicable
  • Remove all labels from bathroom, windows, toilets and kitchen
  • Cleaning of all doors and door frames
  • Cleaning all light switches and sockets
  • Wash and clean utility room
  • Wash and clean fireplace, if applicable

Value Cleaning Services offers a variety of commercial cleaning options to Small and Medium Sized Business. 

  1. We will design commercial cleaning needs to fit your budget
  2. Commerical Cleaning staff provides cleaning service daily, multiple times per week, or once weekly
  3. Our relationship with Carpet Cleaning and Floor Care partners will ensure all your cleaning needs are met

Value Cleaning Services welcomes the opportunity to show you why so many local business love our service.  If you operate one of the property type below that requires commercial cleaning services, call us now at 720-443-2101 or send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Commercial Cleaning Properties

  • Medical Offices
  • Office Buildings
  • Child Care Centers
  • Small or Large Offices
  • Spas and Hair Salons
  • Pre Schools 
  • Dentist Office
  • Urgent Care
  • Insurance Office
  • Your Property


Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Value Cleaning Services

  Kitchen/Lounge/Cafeteria   Lobby  
 checklists checkmark Sanitize and polish drinking fountains Entrance door glass cleaned inside and out*  Check
 Check Front of ice machines and small appliances wiped   Clean lobby desk and visitor area  Check
 Check Clean table and chairs  Vacuum and damp mop walkway**  Check
 Check Sinks and countertops cleaned and disinfected   General dusting and Furniture wiped/vacuumed  Check
  Bathrooms Hallways  
 Check Toilets – cleaned and disinfected   Hallway items - pictures, handrails dusted/wiped  Check
 Check Mop floors with germicidal disinfectant** Floors – vacuumed and/or mopped**  Check
 Check Clean Sinks, mirors/glass and countertops   Windowsills – dusted  Check
 Check Trash removed Trash – trash can(s) emptied  Check

Commercial Cleaning Checklist

**Detailed and other specialized services available   * clean door glass height/width below 8 ft




Commercial Cleaning prices are customized based on the client's need. We guarantee our rates and service will be competitive. Please contact us directly at 720-443-2101 or email roan@valuecleaningservices to discuss site visit and bid proposal.